Subject: Consignpro Consignment Software Fraud

They say "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch", below is the story of that apple.

You may have come across one of our unscrupulous competitors while searching the web for consignment shop software. This competitor (Brian Wilson at 'conpro') has maligned his competitors and lies to his potential victims about cost and policies for financial gain (fraud). This disclosure is intended to protect consumers from costly mistakes.


Wilson at 'consignpro' states on his website and in other forms of communication with the public that his annual support fee is 'optional' without disclosing the consequences of NOT paying the fee. The consequences are:

1) Service will be denied.

2) Issues with the software will not be remedied.

3) Software updates will be withheld.

In February of 2009 Wilson offered a 'free update' to a group of his customers who had not paid the annual support fee. Those who accepted the offer found their software disabled days later and when confronting Wilson with the ruse were advised that their software would be reenabled only if they agreed to pay the annual support fee.

In an open forum ( Wilson once bragged about 'firing' customers "when they cost you more than they earn you" and claimed that this was taught to him by some (unnamed) business school. He took $1,000 from one known user then 'fired her' and told her that support of the software would only be reinsated if she purchased the software again. She refused. He did not refund her purchase.

For years Wilson falsely claimed to be a 'CEO' of a nonexistent corporation "with offices in New York and Miami". Upon investigation it was discovered that the 'New York office' was actually an apartment in New Jersey - not quite as impressive as 'New York'. The 'office' in Miami is a condo unit at Decoplage Condos that provides vacation rentals.

Wilson makes considerable effort to hide the fact that 'his software' is totally dependent upon him for longevity. As he stated in the past, "I wrote this software for my mom". His 'software company' is in fact a one-man show and when he's gone (hopefully to jail) so will be support for 'conpro'.

Rightfully so, Wilson's BBB rating is "F"

Wilson runs his ruse on the Internet as an 'LLC' (LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY) which theorhetically, he hopes, protects his personal assets from his personal acts of fraud.